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Listening to the Spirit: Assessing the Now - 36

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LISTENING TO THE SPIRIT, ASSESSING THE NOW. A conversation for sharing and expanding your field of awareness as a church leadership team
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This survey has 36 items in 10 categories. Each category concludes with an open-ended question.

The survey is four pages.  Use the back button to go back and review responses if needed.  To save your survey while in progress, click next at the bottom and then save at the top of the next page.

Your church leadership team will receive a compiled report of responses to support a rich conversation and learning among the members of the team. Open-ended question responses will be listed in the report to enrich the conversation.

Click the response that best reflects your experience of your church.
Respond to the open-end question in each section with one or two sentences.
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1. Our church has a shared vision expressing God’s vision for our future.
2. We have clear goals which guide our ministries.
3. There is broad awareness among our congregation about where we’re going in the future.
Space Cell I disagreeI somewhat agreeI mostly agreeI completely agreeI'm not sure
4. Our church is aware of the assets – the people, gifts, organizations and resources – in our ministry area.
5. Our church understands the hopes and challenges of people around us.
6. We actively engage the people around us (for example by praying for, interacting with, serving, and inviting).
7. We recognize how current cultural factors and forces are impacting our church.